William McKeever: "Emperors of the Deep" (A Union League Club Event)

Special Book and Documentary Event

In his remarkable groundbreaking book, documentarian and conservationist William McKeever is determined to dispel misplaced fear and correct common misconceptions about sharks as he explores the secret lives of these magnificent creatures who play an integral part in maintaining the health of the world's oceans,  and ultimately the planet.

From the Jaws blockbusters to Shark Week, we are conditioned to see sharks as terrifying cold-blooded underwater predators. But as William McKeever reveals, sharks are evolutionary marvels essential to maintaining a balanced ecosystem. We can learn much from sharks, he argues, and our knowledge about them continues to grow. The first book to reveal in full the hidden lives of sharks, Emperors of the Deep examines four species--Mako, Tiger, Hammerhead, and Great White--as never before, and includes fascinating details such as:

  • Sharks are 50-million years older than trees;
  • Sharks have survived five extinction level events, including the one that killed off the dinosaurs;
  • Sharks have electroreception, a sixth-sense that lets them pick up on electric fields generated by living things;
  • Sharks can dive 4,000 feet below the surface;
  • Sharks account for only 6 human fatalities per year, while humans kill 100 million sharks per year.

Emperors of the Deep: Sharks - The Ocean's Most Mysterious, Most Misunderstood, and Most Important Guardians.

McKeever is on a mission to change everyone's views of the mysterious creatures of the deep. The book takes readers on a pulse-pounding journey around the world and deep under the water's surface - from frigid waters of the Arctic Circle to the coral reefs of the tropical Central Pacific - to dispel the narrative about sharks. In 2017, McKeever produced and directed the feature-length documentary as companion to his book, Emperors of the Deep, which is slated for release in 2020.

The Author:

William McKeever is an author and filmmaker with a focus on ocean conservation. In his new book, Emperors of the Deep: Sharks—The Ocean’s Most Mysterious, Most Misunderstood, and Most Important Guardians, William McKeever is on a mission to raise awareness for sharks and protect the oceans. He is also the founder of Safeguard of the Seas, an NGO devoted to ocean conservancy. The organization is dedicated to raising awareness to the plight of sharks through activism, advocacy, and education. He is a former Institutional Investor magazine All-American analyst, appearing on NBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, and more.

The Event:

The evening begins at 5:30 with registration and light dinner buffet. Program will begin at 6:00 p.m. and will include a short viewing of McKeever's documentary followed by discussion. The price per person is $45. The ULCC honors a no denim or athletic wear policy, please share with your guests.

For reservations you can visit the Club's ticketing website, or call The Book Stall at 847-446-8880. You can also call us to reserve a signed copy even if you aren't attending!

The Union League Club requires business casual attire; no denim please.


Event date: 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 - 5:30pm

Event address: 

The Union League Club
65 W Jackson Blvd
Chicago, IL 60604
Emperors of the Deep: Sharks--The Ocean's Most Mysterious, Most Misunderstood, and Most Important Guardians Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062880321
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Published: HarperOne - June 25th, 2019

Emperors of the Deep is a must-read for anyone in love with our oceans and concerned with averting the looming ecological destruction of our planet. McKeever brings to light the importance of sharks and their role as ancient guardians of the seas.”—John Hocevar, Oceans Campaign Director, Greenpeace USA