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The daughter of a steel magnate disappears, and Nero and Archie must forge ahead with an investigation in this new mystery from the award–winning author.

Archie Goodwin’s very good friend, Lily Rowan, spends much of her time—and considerable financial resources—helping women in need, from underpaid workers to mistreated wives. But at the moment she’s particularly concerned about one woman: her best friend, Maureen, a beautiful socialite who’s been incommunicado for two weeks.

After Archie helps Lily comb through Maureen’s deserted Park Avenue penthouse, and Lily contacts each of her friend’s well-heeled suitors, they still don’t know much more than when they started. Then Archie tries to track down Maureen’s estranged half-brother, but he seems to have vanished as well. Fortunately, Archie’s employer, Nero Wolfe, has a soft spot for Lily. He volunteers to step in—just in time, too, as this missing-person case soon becomes a murder case . . .

“[Wolfe is] one of the two or three most beloved detectives in fiction.” —Publishers Weekly

“Goldsborough has all of the late writer’s stylistic mannerisms down pat.” —The New York Times

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ISBN-13: 9781504079877
Publisher: Road
Publication Date: June 5th, 2023