Fail Big: Fail Your Way to Success and Break All the Rules to Get There (Paperback)

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Master Your Fear, Build Greater Confidence, and Crush the Obstacles Holding You Back

Are you trapped by repeated failure? Do you Feel Stuck in Life and can't move? Are You Struggling to Persevere During Hard Times?

If so, FAIL BIG is the only book you need to read today.

The fear of failure can damage self-esteem, cripple your confidence, and trigger psychological fears leading to action paralysis.

Written by bestselling author and personal development leader Scott Allan, Fail Big is your master blueprint for turning failure into a positive experience that accelerates personal success.

Through practical exercises and personal examples, Fail Big teaches you how to channel failure into a winning formula for gaining greater confidence in all areas of your life. You will learn to reinvent your mindset about failure and leverage fear to achieve the impossible.

In Fail Big, you'll learn the specific strategies to:

  • Fail with confidence, courage and develop a resilient mindset
  • Overcome limiting beliefs that damage self-esteem so you can become emotionally stronger
  • Turn a negative setback into your next BIG WIN
  • Develop a deeper level of self-compassion so you can reduce anxiety and social discomfort
  • Destroy your imposter syndrome and gain limitless confidence in your area of expertise

By reading Fail Big, you will learn how to turn hopelessness into courage, and helplessness into a call for action. This is the ultimate guide in shifting your perspective towards failure so you can succeed as a top-level achiever.

Do you want to learn the best strategies to Fail Big with confidence?

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Fail Big is the 1st book in the Fail Big Series:

Book 1-Fail Big: Fail Your Way to Success and Break All the Rules to Get There

Book 2-Fail Big 2: Crush Fear, Fail Fast and Leverage Success by Going the Extra Mile

Book 3-Fail Big 3: Coming Soon

Product Details
ISBN: 9781989599242
ISBN-10: 1989599249
Publisher: Scott Allan Bowes
Publication Date: January 7th, 2020
Pages: 170
Language: English