Djeliya (Hardcover)

Djeliya By Juni Ba, Juni Ba (Artist) Cover Image
By Juni Ba, Juni Ba (Artist)


TKO Studios presents "Djeliya" by Juni Ba (KAYIN AND ABENI mini series and the MONKEY MEAT stories)

Inspired by West African folklore and stories handed over centuries, this unique graphic novel follows the adventures of Mansou, last prince of a dying kingdom, and Awa, his loyal Djeliya, or 'royal storyteller' as they journey to meet the great wizard who destroyed their world and then withdrew into his tower, never to be seen again.

On their journey they'll cross paths with friend and foe, from myth and legend alike, and revisit the traditions, tales, and stories that gave birth to their people and nurture them still. But what dark secret lies at the heart of these stories, and what purpose do their tellers truly serve?

Djeliya is an innovative TKO Studios Graphic Novel.

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ISBN: 9781952203275
ISBN-10: 1952203279
Publisher: TKO Studios
Publication Date: June 7th, 2022
Language: English