Thoughts on the Run (Paperback)

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Stan Cottrell doesn't know his limitations when it comes to running. Statisticians say he's recorded more miles than anyone in history.

What some would have called an underdog, Stan has since broken world records, received eleven presidential and congressional recognitions for his humanitarian achievements, and earned accolades from numerous foreign governments. He's been able to accomplish things no one else could do, but that would not have been possible had he not learned to conquer the self-defeating messages that started bombarding him as a child.

During his long hours of running on endless stretches of lonely roads, he has plenty of time to ruminate on his wide range of life experiences--including his heart-wrenching trials and top-of-the-mountain triumphs--and he amasses important truths. He shares some of them with you in Thoughts on the Run.

Reading the short-but-rich entries in Stan's book will give you the opportunity to "hear" his inner dialogue and draw from the life-changing wisdom he's gained.

- Get his perspective on developing new habits, creating muscle memory, rewiring your brain, and avoiding destructive roadblocks.

- Understand the power of self-affirmation.

- Be reminded of the goodness of life.

- Discover how your attitude determines your destiny.

- See how to endure the race before you with relentless pursuit.

- And realize that what you can visualize, you can actualize.

Although Stan is qualified to say he's living in the "afternoon of his life," he's moving forward as if there's still a lot of daylight left. He says, "I constantly dream new dreams and seek new mountains to climb." And then he throws out an invitation for you. "Why don't you come along and share this road with me?"

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ISBN: 9781945976797
ISBN-10: 1945976799
Publisher: Cottrell Associates International
Publication Date: November 30th, 2020
Pages: 264
Language: English