Abandoned: An Ethan Wares Skateboard Series Book 2 (Paperback)

Abandoned: An Ethan Wares Skateboard Series Book 2 By Mark Mapstone Cover Image
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Pro skateboarder, Ethan Wares, has been dropped by every sponsor and has one last deal on the table: a failing TV station, Network 27. In desperation to keep their ratings high, filming unique and inaccessible skate-spots adds to the pressure which claustrophobic Wares could do without.

With the ultimate wall-ride found in an old Psychiatric Hospital, the only thing stopping him from delivering an edit which blows people away is a batshit crazy security guard and being zip-tied to a radiator. And then things start to get worse.

The Ethan Wares series is a fast-paced skateboard adventure written for skateboarders by a skateboarder and is guaranteed to keep you reading from beginning to end.

About Mark Mapstone

Mark Mapstone is a skateboarder, writer, and author of the Ethan Wares Skateboard Series books.

After discovering there were no fiction books written for skateboarders with realistic skateboarding in them, and being qualified with a degree in creative writing from the prestigious Bath Spa University, Mark realised he could be the one to write them.

In-between road-trips, an infinite Instagram feed of videos to watch, and discovering bruises on himself which he has no-idea how they got there, Mark uses his knowledge of the current skateboarding world to create exciting and authentic stories that every skateboarder experiences daily.


Book 1: The Blocks

Book 2: Abandoned

Book 3: Pool Staker

Book 4: Punch Drunk

Book 5: Nutbar DIY

Or you can pick up the complete 5 book omnibus edition: Escapeboard.

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ISBN: 9781914398049
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Publisher: Credible Ink Publishing
Publication Date: November 1st, 2021
Pages: 172
Language: English