Third Eye Awakening: Open Your Third Eye, Expand Mind Power, Intuition, Self- Healing, Psychic Awareness and Abilities. (Paperback)

Third Eye Awakening: Open Your Third Eye, Expand Mind Power, Intuition, Self- Healing, Psychic Awareness and Abilities. Cover Image
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If you want to try to see the invisible... if you're like me, you always knew you had a "special" talent, but you didn't know how to use it. Or maybe you felt you were a bit odd, and you've just wanted to hide your intuitive side.

Don't you think you've got any exceptional analytical skills? Think about it again. You've got a great present And you can learn how to use these abilities by opening your third eye. I did it, and you should do it.

Did you wish you had the talent that your mates didn't have?

Would you want to see what the others can't see?

Could you want spiritual knowledge in the human realm?

Do you want inner peace?

Everyone's got a third eye. Not everybody knows how to make sense of it. In this guide, you will learn a lot.

The third eye is an unseen eye that, when raised, will bring healing, spiritual development and enhanced intuition. Once you've opened, you'll immediately notice that people are attracted to you and respect you. Suddenly, you will have the power to see and predict things that are not seen in the physical realm. You should become more attuned and linked to the world, contributing to profound harmony and knowledge.

We do obviously have a third eye, which means that we all have the ability to gain that capacity, but the general population has not yet worked out how to use this very inherent spiritual skill. It's not as rough as it sounds. We've discovered a method that will work for you, even if you've failed in your previous attempts.

This book is the secret to opening the door to the enchantment that is within you

You're going to find...

  • Third Eye Secret Meditative
  • Tricks for Third Eye Activation Creativity and why it's more important than you think The Role of Magnets, Crystal etc.
  • Learn the Four Most Popular Traps to Restrict Activation
  • Learn How to Manage Negative Energy
  • Learn Which Foods and Odors Will Trigger Third Eye
  • Three Key Tips How to Open Your Third Eye and Hold
  • You will learn what it looks like when the chakra I opened
  • You will learn more about self-healing and how to expand mind power

Are you ready to look at the unseen?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781801474139
ISBN-10: 1801474133
Publisher: Amanda Williams
Publication Date: January 11th, 2021
Pages: 296
Language: English