The Apostles (Paperback)

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"Through the Apostles, we come to Jesus himself." - Pope Benedict XVI

In this fascinating and inspirational journey with the chosen disciples of Jesus, Pope Benedict XVI demonstrates a profound, unbreakable continuity by which Christ is present today in his Church. In choosing the Apostles, Jesus brought them into communion with himself and involved them in his mission of proclaiming the Gospel. After Mary, the Mother of God, it is from the Apostles, through their word and witness, that we receive the truth of Christ.

Delving into Sacred Scripture and writings from the early Church fathers, Benedict XVI highlights each of the Twelve, along with Saint Paul and select men and women who were coworkers of the Apostles. By studying the origins of the Church, we see that the Apostles are the foundation of the community of faith, hope, and charity that involves the entire people of God.

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ISBN: 9781639660940
ISBN-10: 1639660941
Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor
Publication Date: March 10th, 2023
Pages: 176
Language: English