Christ of the Consummation: A New Testament Biblical Theology (Paperback)

Christ of the Consummation: A New Testament Biblical Theology By O. Palmer Robertson Cover Image
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At the moment when Jesus entered the realm of redemptive history, God's people and the hurting world needed no further promises or prophecies. The one thing they lacked was fulfillment--they needed the promised Messiah and his consummate kingdom to come. Noted theologian O. Palmer Robertson's three-volume The Christ of the Consummation explores progressive revelation across the redemptive history of the New Testament. The first volume, The Testimony of the Four Gospels, emphasizes the eyewitness character of the four men who attest to the supernatural in-breaking of the Christ. In the rich tapestry of the Gospels, we see Christ overcome the powers of Satan, gradually unveil his identity by words and works, call and commission disciples, die on the cross, be raised, and ascend to heaven. By each witnessing distinctive aspects of the coming of the King and the establishment of his kingdom, the gospel writers boldly describe a new phase in redemptive revelation.

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