Opus Dei: A History, Volume Two (Paperback)

Opus Dei: A History, Volume Two By José Luis González Gullón, John Coverdale Cover Image
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For a century, Opus Dei has transmitted to the world a message of encounter with God in ordinary life. A first of its kind, this book is an extensive investigation of this institution and its founder, Josemar a Escriv . All documentation that exists and is preserved about Opus Dei and its founder, as well as numerous oral testimonies, have been accessed in order to leave no rock unturned in this historical reveal of one of the Church's most fascinating modern lay and clerical organization.


International Consolidation (1962-1975)

Chapter 1. Governance of a Global Entity

Section 1. An Ongoing Process of Founding

Section 2. Central and Regional Governing Bodies

Chapter 2. Formation

Section 1. St. Raphael's Work

Section 2. Philosophical and Theological Education

of Numeraries

Section 3. Professional and Family Care of Persons

Section 4. Associates and Supernumeraries

Section 5. The Diocesan Clergy

Chapter 3. Institutional Activities

Section 1. Higher Education

Section 2. Primary and Secondary Schools

Section 3. Technical and Vocational Training Centers

Section 4. Development and Demise of Common Works

Section 5. Financial Support of Apostolic Activities

Chapter 4. Theological-Legal Developments

Section 1. An Anomalous Situation

Section 2. The Message of Opus Dei at Vatican Council II

Section 3. The Special General Congress

Chapter 5. A Post-Conciliar Legacy

Section 1. Doctrinal and Liturgical Measures

Section 2. Activity of Members in Spanish Politics

and Other Settings

Section 3. The Founder's Final Projects, Writings, and Travels




Chapter 6. A New Hand at the Helm

Section 1. A New "Father" in Opus Dei

Section 2. Governing Opus Dei

Section 3. Activities of the Prelate

Section 4. Relations with John Paul II

Chapter 7. The Legal Solution

Section 1. The Process

Section 2. Advantages of the New Legal Status

Section 3. Protecting the Prelature

Chapter 8. Growth

Section 1. Numerical Growth

Section 2. New Countries

Chapter 9. Doctrinal Formation

Section 1. Cooperators and Young People

Section 2. Formation of Members of the Work

Section 3. Service to the Church

Chapter 10. Apostolic Activities

Section 1 Educational Activities

Section 2. Social Works

Chapter 11. Public Opinion

Section 1. Spain: The Rumasa Affair

Section 2. Great Britain: Cardinal Hume Speaks

Section 3. Germany: Opus Dei Defends Itself in the Courts

Section 4. Italy: A Parliamentary Inquiry

Chapter 12. The Beatification of the Founder

Section 1. Escriv 's Process of Beatification

Section 2. Controversy over the Beatification


THE THIRD GENERATION (1994-2016) / 275

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