The Majesty of Calmness (Paperback)

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A Book That Can Multiply Your Mental Strength For Success

This is what what you learn from the book:

Calmness is a rare quality in human

What is calmness and what it is not?

A calm person is a well-planned person

A calm person is ready to face any hurdle in life

Calmness is Self-control

Be cool and collected when your effort fails temporarily

When a tongue whips you

"Hurry" is not a good way of life

Hurry is an enemy to calmness

The tremendous influence you can exert

You have the power for both good and evil

We can naturally feel and sense a person's personality immediately

Let's us look at some lines from the book:

1. Calmness comes ever from within. It is the peace and restfulness of the depths of our nature. The fury of storm and of wind agitate only the surface of the sea; they can penetrate only two or three hundred feet, below that is the calm, unruffled deep. To be ready for the great crises of life we must learn serenity in our daily living. Calmness is the crown of self-control.

2. Man to be great must be self-reliant. Though he may not be so in all things, he must be self-reliant in the one in which he would be great.

3. The honest, faithful struggler should always realize that failure is but an episode in a true man's life, never the whole story. It is never easy to meet, and no philosophy can make it so, but the steadfast courage to master conditions, instead of complaining of them, will help him on his way; it will ever enable him to get the best out of what he has.

4. The man who has a pessimist's doubt of all things; who demands a certified guarantee of his future; who ever fears his work will not be recognized or appreciated; or that after all, it is really not worth while, will never live his best.

5. Man is the only animal that can be really happy. To the rest of the creation belong only weak imitations of the understudies. Happiness represents a peaceful attunement of a life with a standard of living.

6. Concentration makes the individual life simpler and deeper. It cuts away the shams and pretences of modern living and limits life to its truest essentials. Worry, fear, useless regret, all the great wastes that sap mental, moral or physical energy must be sacrificed, or the individual needlessly destroys half the possibilities of living.

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About the Author

William George Jordan (March 6, 1864 - April 20, 1928) was an American editor and lecturer. Jordan was born in New York City on March 6, 1864. He graduated from the City College of New York and began his literary career as editor of Book Chat in 1884. He joined Current Literature in 1888 and became its managing editor. In 1891 he left Current Literature and moved to Chicago where he started a lecture program on his system of Mental Training. His style of speaking was very engaging and powerful. To explain a principle he used a lot of analogies to bring concrete pictures of the concepts into the minds of his readers and listeners.

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