Becoming Yourself: The Journey From Head to Heart (Revised and Expanded Edition) (Paperback)

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"Becoming Yourself is a powerful, innovative and comprehensive spiritual guide for a life-changing journey in the quest for self-awareness." --iUniverse In her book, Becoming Yourself: The Journey From Head to Heart, author Jan Engels-Smith shows you how to incorporate the creative heart and soul powers into the process of Western rational thought of self-analysis. The results are a journey towards complete self-awareness - one that ultimately integrates the total self - mind, heart and soul. The revised and expanded edition of the book contains numerous new teachings and spiritual insights. While a number of books address the individual's need to connect with one's spiritual nature, Becoming Yourself shows how to connect to it and to use this energy to restore wholeness. Jan's book conveys spiritual lessons through personal accounts and offers proven healing methodologies and exercises based on her decades of experience as a science teacher, counselor-psychologist and energy medicine practitioner. Jan seeks to intertwine physical, emotional and mental concepts and convey them with warmth and support. This creates a powerful, practical and comprehensive guide that enlightens and inspires readers on all levels of the spiritual quest for self. While working as both a licensed professional counselor and an energy healer, Jan has found that people are eager to learn; they want to heal. The continual cycle of unhappiness takes its toll, moving people to look for a better way. They are tired of the pain and victimization, and they are interested in having more power in their lives. We have a society crying out for change and for spiritual connection. Our culture reflects a climate of more openness to spiritual topics. Spiritual growth has never been easy, but we are in a good position for this growth right now.

About the Author

Jan Engels-Smith is the founder of LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine. Jan's mission is to provide excellence in energy healing and education, and to support personal growth for well-being, adapting ancient healing techniques to contemporary life in the 21st century. Jan has developed the first energy medicine curriculum of its kind, which allows for those with a curious interest in energy medicine, right through to those that would like to obtain a doctorate in shamanism (ShD).

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