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While the title is Zhineng Qigong, I believe this book is a good reference for many other forms. What is qi? Ancient qigong masters propounded that there is a finest matter in the universe with no shape or form, that cannot be seen by the naked eyes and that was found at the very beginning of the universe. Some called it dao, some taiji, some yuan qi; we call this finest element primeval hunyuan qi. From this finest element of matter everything in the universe is formed. Take a look at modern physics. High school students now learn that at the molecular level all matter is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. In university study, they learn that in protons and neutrons there are quarks and within quarks there is a smaller element - the top quark. In 1998 a group of astrophysicists conducted research in Japan and confirmed that neutrinos are an even smaller element of matter in the universe, much smaller than an electron. In September 2008 the underground collider in Switzerland tried to recreate the Big Bang, to hunt for the particle that gave the universe its form. With the emergence of Big Bang theory, we now know that everything in the universe comes from the same source, built up from the same fundamental unit. This fits with the findings of the ancient qigong masters. Imagine primeval hunyuan qi as the smallest building blocks in a Lego set. Accumulation of the units will form all types of shapes and sizes. The model can then be broken up into the smallest units again. (Of course, unlike Lego, primeval qi is invisible and indivisibly small.) Beyond the molecular level, everything in this world can be disintegrated down to protons, neutrons and electrons, and then, quarks, top quarks and finally... primeval qi, indicating that everything has evolved from the same unit. Albert Einstein's E=mc can probably help you better understand that matter, energy and information are interchangeable.

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I am a registered pharmacist and a qigong therapist/instructor based in Penang, Malaysia. I am also the representative of the Federation of Malaysia Zhineng Qigong Societies to the Traditional & Complementary Medicine Division of the Malaysia Ministry of Health. I started practising Zhineng Qigong in 1997 because of a knee injury which the physician said needed surgery. I spent 15-20 minutes a day practicing wall squats and a little Lift Qi Up half-heartedly and the knee somehow turned better miraculously... In early February 1999, I had a severe renal colic and was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night. I had a surgery to remove the stag-horn in the left kidney. The surgeon told me that the filtration function of the left kidney had probably gone down to only 10% and if it could recover to 30% six months later then it would be great. He added one extra sentence: "Don't worry, one kidney is good enough for you to live up to a hundred." Well, I was wondering - if one kidney would give me a hundred, if I had both then I should get 200, right? I started reading Dr Pang's books and started practicing seriously in the hospital. On July 1999, I started Island Zhineng Qigong Centre. I had a radioactive kidney function test 6 months after the surgery and the surgeon was shocked to learn that the function had gone back to 95%. He said it must have been a mistake and asked me to redo it. I refused, the procedure cost a bomb and the room was extremely cold. In 2000, I started to conduct various Upgrading and Teacher Training Classes, as well as, started to give public lectures on Zhineng Qigong and published the Elementary Guide to Zhineng Qigong. In 2005, I started qigong healing service at my pharmacy. Some patients are confused whether this is a pharmacy or a qigong clinic. In the same year, I was invited by the Chi Neng Institute to teach in The Netherlands. Subsequently I also taught for the Chi Neng Institute Sweden and was invited by the Haola Qigong group to teach in Germany and Austria. Currently, I am planning to run a qigong clinical trial on asthmatics with a local university here.

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