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When THE PRIMAL SCREAM was published in 1970 it caused an international sensation. In introduced a revolutionary new approach to psychological thinking- Primal Therapy, which encourages patients to relive core experiences instead of taking refuge from reality in a comfortable half-world of neurosis. Twenty years on, THE NEW PRIMAL SCREAM takes the theory even further, showing that repressed pain is bad not only for mental but also for physical health. Citing case histories, Dr Janov shows how the application of his therapy has helped victims of incest and other abuse overcome subsequent illness. The implications are as devastating as the therapy is revolutionary.
THE NEW PRIMAL SCREAM discusses and reaches some startling conclusions about illness and Primal Therapy, exploring; *Primal pain: the great hidden secrets, *Repression: the gates of the brain and loss of feeling, *How early experience is imprinted, *Illness as the silent scream, *Sex, sensuality and sexuality, *The role of weeping in psychotherapy, *Why we have to relive our childhood to get well.

About the Author

Dr Arthur Janov is currently director of the Primal Training Centre in California. He is concluding a musical for the stage called SCREAM! and is in the process of creating a film-video series, THE UNIVERSE OF THE MIND.

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ISBN: 9780349102030
ISBN-10: 0349102031
Publisher: Abacus
Publication Date: January 17th, 1991
Pages: 416
Language: English