Should We Stay or Should We Go: A Novel (Paperback)

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When her father dies, Kay Wilkinson can’t cry. Over ten years, Alzheimer’s had steadily eroded this erudite man into a paranoid lunatic. Surely one’s own father passing should never come as such a relief.

Both medical professionals, Kay and her husband Cyril have seen too many elderly patients in similar states of decay. Although healthy and vital in their early fifties, the couple fears what may lie ahead. Determined to die with dignity, Cyril makes a modest proposal. To spare themselves and their loved ones such a humiliating and protracted decline, they should agree to commit suicide together once they’ve both turned eighty. When their deal is sealed, the spouses are blithely looking forward to another three decades together.

But then they turn eighty.

By turns hilarious and touching, playful and grave, Should We Stay or Should We Go portrays twelve parallel universes, each exploring a possible future for Kay and Cyril. Were they to cut life artificially short, what would they miss out on? Something terrific? Or something terrible? Might they end up in a home? A fabulous luxury retirement village, or a Cuckoo’s Nest sort of home? Might being demented end up being rather fun? What future for humanity awaits—the end of civilization, or a Valhalla of peace and prosperity? What if cryogenics were really to work? What if scientists finally cure aging?

Both timely and timeless, Lionel Shriver addresses serious themes—the compromises of longevity, the challenge of living a long life and still going out in style—with an uncannily light touch. Weaving in a host of contemporary issues, from Brexit and mass migration to the coronavirus, Shriver has pulled off a rollicking page-turner in which we never have to mourn perished characters, because they’ll be alive and kicking in the very next chapter.

About the Author

Although Lionel Shriver has published many novels, a collection of essays, and a column in the Spectator since 2017, and her journalism has been featured in publications including the Guardian, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, she in no way wishes for the inclusion of this information to imply that she is more “intelligent” or “accomplished” than anyone else. The outdated meritocracy of intellectual achievement has made her a bestselling author multiple times and accorded her awards, including the Orange Prize, but she accepts that all of these accidental accolades are basically meaningless. She lives in Portugal and Brooklyn, New York.

Praise For…

"A wild romp," —

“Shriver said that her favourite novels are those that pack both an intellectual and emotional punch. With Should We Stay or Should We Go, she’s added triumphantly to their number.” — The Times (UK)

"Her best novel since The Post-Birthday World . . . .  A return to form, merging Shriver's better instincts as both novelist and social critic." — Kirkus Reviews

“This sharp-elbowed satire is also a brusquely tender portrait of enduring love.” — Washington Post

“A delight to read. . . . Wildly inventive and sometimes hilarious . . . Shriver may be a contrarian—but she has a sense of humor about it. More to the point, she never lets her politics interfere with the sheer zest of her imagination.” — Seattle Times

“I think Shriver’s novels are wonderful . . . fun, smart and, perhaps because of their author’s unconventional political views, unlike anything else you’ll read.” — Financial Times

"Shriver delivers on a high-concept premise full of alternative narratives based around themes of illness and aging. . . . Readers will be entranced by Shriver's freewheeling meditation on mortality and human agency." — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Entertaining and poignant." — Daily Mail

“Very moving . . . Shriver has the magic ability to make the reader invested in the fate—fates, I should say—of her characters.” — Daily Telegraph (London)

Product Details
ISBN: 9780063094253
ISBN-10: 0063094258
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Publication Date: June 7th, 2022
Pages: 288
Language: English